Butter noodles

Butter noodles

We’re not yet two weeks into 2014, so I consider that technically I can squeeze in one particular a lot more ode to 2013, correct?

2013 was a great yr, a fabulous year in reality. It was filled with wonderful opportunities and new relationships that came my way thanks to this sweet lil’ blog o’ mine. Sing that three occasions quick to the Axl’s Sweet Youngster O’ Mine and you’ll come to feel my vibe.

Whilst I’ve previously declared my word for 2014, with 365 days to cover there’s surely room for one more. And most likely a handful of other people also. That’s why I’m adding this a single to the hat: Simplify.

One point I heard in excess of and above from pals and household in 2013 was this: “I was going to get in touch with you, but you’re SO Active,” or “I was going to request you to go/stay/perform but you’re SO Occupied.”

Was I genuinely THAT active? As well busy for my family and pals?

I suppose I manufactured it seem to be that way. Given that it appeared that my regular response when individuals asked, “How are you doing?” was some kind of, “Things are excellent, I’m just actually hectic / I was up late final night finishing things up / Sorry I’m not going to make it, I have to get this carried out.” It’s no wonder my dance card seemed as well full to them. Possibly I played the martyr 1 time way as well many.

2013 was the 12 months for me getting a lame friend, loved ones member and hostess.

Which is why I’m including the word Simplify to my checklist of phrases for 2014. Simplify and don’t make issues so difficult. Simplify and stop making issues Appear so tough.

My pal Courtney wrote a submit about this, and she coaches me about it all of the time. I just have to learn to pay attention. She’s intelligent that way.

Well Courtney, as my mom the pre-school instructor says, I’ve put on my listening ears and I’m prepared. So why not start off in the kitchen?

There are lots of challenging pasta recipes out there, some with sausage, some with shrimp and some that play happily with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. But at times the simplest are the most satisfying. My Simple Parmesan Noodles is specifically 1 of those recipes.

Simple noodles, butter, salt and pepper and creamy parmesan topped with a sprinkling of parsley. This noodle recipe does double duty as a full-blown dinner or a side for chicken, surf or turf.

It’s easy that way.

Get my Easy Parmesan Noodles recipe and the see the rest of my Go Bold with Butter recipes here.

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