Best Tofu Press

When you enjoy tofu and wish to add this plant-based staple into meal planning, then your kitchen arsenal will need the best tofu press money can buy.
So, today we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about some of the best tofu press options currently available on the market.

By now you may be aware that the reason why your tofu is losing its shape, falling apart, or maybe failing to absorb additional flavor is that you aren’t removing the excess water inside your tofu. This is a common mistake so don’t be too hard on yourself, instead what you need to do is simply acquire a handy tofu press.

Now that you understand how a tofu press can impact the quality of your tofu; is time to choose the best model that fits your specific needs. With many options available it may get a little challenging knowing what to pick, so we’ve come up with a list of some of the best tofu press alternatives, that are totally worth your money.

Best Tofu Press FAQ’s

Is a tofu press worth it?

Tofu pressing is a very easy process that will help your tofu absorb flavor and hold its shape while cooking.
A block of tofu is like a big saturated sponge: Blotting it dry with towels may help the surface crisp and brown, but using pressure to squeeze out the water from the interior produces firmer, chewier, denser, creamier pieces that don’t fall apart as you’re cooking.

What is a tofu press exactly?

A tofu press is a contraption that removes the maximum amount of liquid from tofu with minimal effort. When water is removed, tofu can absorb the flavor more easily and it has a greater texture. Manual pressing with paper towels, plates, cookware, and other heavy objects is time-consuming and messy.

What does a tofu press do?

Pressing tofu is a technique used to prepare a tofu block for cooking. Pressing is the best way to drain tofu to remove moisture. The process makes tofu easier to cook with, while still retaining its shape and flavor.

How long do I need to press tofu for?

Press the tofu for 30 minutes, ideally, or up to 1 hour. Halfway through, replace the kitchen linen with a new dry one, as it will quickly become saturated during this time.
After pressing, the tofu block should be visibly thinner, this is a result of excess moisture being removed.

What happens if you don’t press tofu?

You can technically still cook and eat tofu that has not been pressed, however, it will not absorb flavor as well and will definitely not have a very good texture. Especially if you’re trying to get it crispy at all.

How to use a tofu press?

  1. Wrap the tofu block in the tea towel to absorb the moisture as it releases or prior to placing it in a press.
  2. Place the wrapped block in the press or on one of the plates/baking sheets and cover with the second plate or baking sheet.
  3. Press for at least 30 minutes, although the longer, the better. It can even be left overnight so that it’s ready and waiting for you in the morning.
  4. Remove the tofu, slice or cube it, and marinate. You can also slice the block in half before pressing if desired. This helps to get more moisture out of the tofu.

What types of tofu press are available?

Plate-style tofu presses look like something you would find in a carpenter’s workshop. They’re essentially two plates held together by screws or springs that will press the water out of your tofu using consistently increasing pressure.

Box-style presses are designed using spring-loaded or weighted plates. The tofu is placed inside a box and a plate is pressed into place, creating sufficient consistent pressure to press the water out of your tofu over time.

Best Tofu Press

Raw Rutes – Tofu Press (Ninja)

This tofu press can be used to press the moisture from store-bought tofu before cooking. Alternately, line our presses with cheesecloth, and prepare homemade tofu using soybeans or soy milk.

The same process can also be used to craft homemade paneer cheese. Each pressing weight clocks in at over 5lbs, meaning you’ll have plenty of pressing power.

Just place the tofu in the frame and place the weight on top. That’s right. No Springs, Screws Rubber Bands, or Screws to deal with on this one.

tofu press: Raw Rutes - Tofu Press (Ninja)


  • Stainless Steel
  • Steadfast Desing
  • No Rubber Bands

EZ Tofu Press – Removes Water from Tofu

Removes water from tofu fast, providing better flavor and texture. Prior to marinating or cooking tofu, pressing your tofu using the EZ Tofu Press allows better flavor absorption.

Can be used with most tofu brick sizes, both small and large portions can be press dried. Centering marks for proper tofu block placement prior to pressing.

EZ Tofu Press is the fastest pressing method on the market. Stainless steel grommet on the top plate allows for smoother pressing, eliminates plastic from getting into tofu-like other brands.

tofu press: EZ Tofu Press - Removes Water from Tofu


  • Plastic
  • BPA Free
  • Manual

Bamboo Tofu Press, Built-in Tofu Strainer

Yarkor bamboo tofu press is an essential kitchen gadget that makes life-changing and slowly, gradually squeezes all the water out of your tofu so you’re left with a dense block that has incredible taste and texture.

This bamboo tofu press is a good choice for anyone who prefers to stay away from plastic and wants a more natural, environmentally friendly tofu press.

With no plastic pieces, thick, solid, and eco-friendly bamboo plates, and food-grade 304-stainless steel hardware, this tofu press really steals the show for anyone wanting to reduce the toxins in their food and home environment.

tofu press: Bamboo Tofu Press, Built in Tofu Strainer


  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Rational design

Extra Firm Tofu Press – by Healthy Express

The two springs hold the plates apart to make it easy to put the tofu in, and the extra-large knobs make them much easier to turn.

And with stainless-steel hardware, it’s food safe and dishwasher safe. Put your presser in the dishwasher fully assembled for easy clean-up when you’re done.

The Upgraded 4-spring model has two top springs to keep the compression going in between turns. This tofu press is amazingly easy to use and clean.

tofu press: Extra Firm Tofu Press - by Healthy Express


  • Easy to clean
  • BPA-free tofu press
  • Dishwasher-safe

Mangocore Plastic Tofu Press Mould

This mold of pressing tofu is food grade plastic, no odor harmless, environmental health, and durable.

The presser makes the process easier, less messy, and more effective. Simply place it in the sink or in a container and let the press do the work for you.

Steamed tofu box frame on no less than a flat chassis, then steamed tofu box back on the shelf (prepare their own steam tray, flat chassis, spoon).

tofu press: Mangocore Plastic Tofu Press Mould


  • Food grade plastic
  • No odor harmless
  • Environmental health
  • Durable

Best Tofu Press Additional Tips

  • Each press has specific directions but the general process is the same. You place a block of tofu into the press container or between the pressing plates.
  • Follow the instructions to apply pressure and remove water. Some presses require you to periodically adjust pressure.
  • Once the tofu is pressed for the instructed amount of time, it is ready for marinating, seasoning and cooking.
  • It’s a big plus if you can crush your spices fresh using a spice grinder when preparing your seasoning. It adds a great deal of flavor and intensity to the tofu.