Best mashed potatoes recipe

Best mashed potatoes recipe

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How to Make Mashed Potatoes that come out perfectly creamy every time! These are truly the greatest mashed potatoes.

Potatoes are my kryptonite (okay, potatoes and Stuffing). When I go reduced carb, I have no problem passing up pasta or sugar but I need to have my buttery creamy potatoes. Homemade mashed potatoes are an easy side dish and go flawlessly with Mushroom Salisbury Steak or Crock Pot Pork Chops!

Potatoes are wonderful nevertheless they’re prepared – baked potatoes, fried potatoes, and or in a Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole. Homemade mashed potatoes are at the leading of my checklist!

What Type of Potatoes for Mashed Potatoes

This is an straightforward mashed potato recipe but it’s important to start off with the correct kind of potatoes. A starchy potato this kind of as a Russet or >I at times like to leave some of the skin on if I’m utilizing a Yukon gold potato, I love the texture it adds to the mashed potatoes.

How To Make Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes are super basic to make with extremely number of ingredients. I enjoy generating Crock Pot mashed potatoes and Instantaneous Pot mashed potatoes, but I genuinely do believe these are the greatest mashed potatoes ever. The true essential to creating the Ideal creamy mashed potatoes is to get the consistency correct.

Right here are a handful of suggestions to make positive you are serving the greatest mashed potatoes:

  • Drain effectively:
    • I usually allow them sit about 5 minutes or so to fully drain or even drain well and put them back in the warm pot for a number of minutes to make certain all liquid is evaporated.
  • Mash by Hand:
    • For the quite greatest mashed potatoes, use a hand masher or a potato ricer. Making use of a hand mixer, stand mixer or food processor can break down the starches in the potatoes and cause a very gluey or gummy texture. You can nonetheless get buttery smooth creamy mashed potatoes mashing by hand.
  • Butter is Your Buddy:.
    • There are places you can skimp on butter and mashed potatoes is not a single of them. I like to use salted butter and lots of it (but you can use unsalted season your self). Butter assists your mashed potatoes get a creamy… well, buttery texture.
  • Heat Your Cream:
    • Heat your milk/cream ahead of incorporating. This keeps the potatoes hot and absorbs better. Add cream/milk a little a a time to get the appropriate consistency.

Cream cheese, garlic, and butter additional to homemade mashed potatoes can include a delightful tang! You can really add no matter what toppings you adore the most, mashed potatoes are quite forgiving!

How Long To Boil Potatoes For Mashed

Potatoes ought to usually be positioned in cold salted water and brought to a boil, this assists them cook evenly.

The length of time you need to boil the potatoes for entirely depends on how massive they are reduce. I quarter them so they typically consider about 15 minutes. To examine if your potatoes are prepared, use a fork. If it is simple to pierce the potato, it is prepared to go!

Can You Freeze Mashed Potatoes

You confident can! Frozen mashed potatoes reheat quite properly in the oven with a minor milk. To freeze homemade mashed potatoes, scoop them into a plastic freezer bag. Press them out into a flat square and freeze it flat. This assists to make positive that the potatoes defrost and reheat evenly! When you reheat them, include about a tablespoon of milk per cup of mashed potatoes and stick them in the oven to reheat.

What To Do With Leftover Mashed Potatoes

I have four phrases for you. Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes. Each time I have mashed potatoes for dinner, I make sure to make added for these perfect cakes each time.

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