Apple crisp recipes

Apple crisp recipes

After you attempt homemade salted caramel sauce, you won’t ever want shop bought again! The browned butter provides this sauce an amazingly deep taste!

Smooth, dreamy, homemade salted caramel sauce is flecked with bits of browned butter for an incredibly deep and nutty taste. This is 1 sauce you’ll be placing on definitely Every thing!

I have a small secret you guys. Some of you may possibly gasp a small, (okay possibly not, but perform along)… but I don’t really like caramel. ** awkward pause ** …I know correct?! Effectively at least I Considered I didn’t like caramel. It turns out, I just didn’t like the colored corn syrup sold in jars labeled “caramel sauce” from the grocery shop. I created some homemade salted caramel sauce and was BLOWN away. I imply, I consider it’s accurate adore you guys.

I practically couldn’t end consuming it. It started off all innocently with a minor taste off the spoon, then speedily spiraled into a mad search by way of the residence for factors I could place this caramel sauce on. Fundamentally the meals was irrelevant, it was just a caramel delivery device lol. I’ve eaten SO several apples (honeycrisp are my favorite), dipped in this sauce… all beneath the guise of feeling good about myself for consuming far more fruit (nevermind that it’s coated in a mixture of butter, cream and sugar). Isn’t it funny how our minds function?

If you’ve heard that making homemade salted caramel sauce is complicated or tough, don’t worry… it just requires a minor bit of patience and faith, but undoubtedly isn’t difficult or too time consuming at all!

Persistence and faith my friends… and here’s why.


  • Browning butter can be a little bit of a longer procedure, and you can’t really stroll away and allow it do it’s thing… it needs some babysitting. If you’ve never browned butter prior to this is a great tutorial.
  • When beginning the caramel method, you have to cook down sugar in a pan (with no liqu >FAITH:
  • Once you add the cream, the sauce will foam and bubble up like some horrible science experiment gone horribly wrong… but concern not!
  • Just maintain whisking, and get the pan off the heat for a minute if you need to have to.
  • Even if the caramel clumps up on the whisk a bit, just hold whisking (mentioned in my best Dory voice), and it’ll melt off.
  • Prior to long, you’ll have a smooth, wealthy, glossy sauce.

There are numerous techniques to make caramel sauce, but this is my favored way. If you choose a different way, just integrate the browned butter into your recipe… believe in me, you won’t regret it!

My favorites to drizzle with this salted caramel sauce (or dip in it):

This sauce would also be a great gift to give away in the course of the holidays!

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