Homemade tater tots

Homemade tater tots

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Homemade potato tots, shredded potato, cooked till crisp on the outdoors and fluffy inside. These homemade potato tots have just 4 substances (nicely five if you count salt) and are super straightforward to make. And maintain studying for the ideal element of this complete recipe.

I am loving my potato posts , I indicate what is not to adore? Potatoes are delightful and excellent worth. AND children enjoy potatoes. That is undoubtedly the case with today’s recipe. Children and grown-ups adore potato tots. Dipped into some ketchup they are a dinner time deal with. Did you see my homemade ketchup recipe? Homemade tots and homemade ketchup. Perfect!

A few weeks ago, Stew had to work on a Sunday. Early on a Sunday. We had to get him to the station by 7am. Mr eight was at a sleep over, so Mr 5 and I dragged ourselves out of bed, drove Stew to function and then began heading property. I was a bit on the grumpy side, no coffee does that to me, and Mr five was hungry. So on the way residence, we went via the coffee drive-thru Further big latte for me and a small cup of potato stars for Mr 5. As quickly as I was handed the cup, I knew I had made a blunder. They looked so very good! No way a little cup was going to be enough! Then I ate a single. They had been crispy on the outdoors, fluffy on the within, glistening from the fryer but not at all greasy and sprinkled with chicken salt.

I begrudgingly passed the cup to Mr 5, took a swig of my coffee and drove back all around to the window and ordered a cup for myself! Just creating about these little stars is producing my mouth water. But I have a issue, well really I have two. Firstly I can’t go to the coffee drive-thru all the time and pay out $five for a cup, secondly I am specified these are really processed. Excellent as an occasional deal with, but not some thing you can justify often.

I bet you can guess in which this story is going I came residence and began preparing how I could make my personal mini stars. My theory was they are actually only a star shaped hash brown. Not too difficult to reproduce, (I make hash browns a good deal) or so I believed. Turns out it is truly quite tough to type hash browns into star shapes! I did handle it, but only with a quite fiddly stage of freezing the potatoes, cutting out stars with a cookie cutter and deep frying them to crisp the outside and aid them keep the form. It worked, but who would like to go to all that energy!

I have created these a whole lot in current days! I have extra so several different variations of herbs and spices and the boys and I maintain coming back to the basic recipe, baked or fried it is still our favourite. I have provided directions for both cooking techniques. If pushed I to pick I would go fried for flavour and crust, but baked for ease. So choose whichever functions for you. Both are tasty and each are far better than acquiring a bag of frozen tops.

AND THE Ideal BIT. Once you have formed these, you can fry them to get them crispy and then freeze them. Then when you want to consume them, just cook in the oven as you would store bought frozen tots. Oh yes, homemade frozen tots.

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